Southern Paranormal Inspection

Research and Investigation Team


I am Terri Wilson, co-founder and Executive Board member for Southern Paranormal Inspection Research Investigation Team. I am 53 yeara old, an ordained minister, wife to a wonderful man for 35 years, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, grandmother to 5 of the most precious babies you've ever seen, an animal lover who works with local rescue groups and a Paranormal Investigator. My spiritual path is what lead me into Paranormal. Since, I've learned there is so much more to the Paranormal than just "ghost". Each investigation teaches me something new about the Paranormal. My goal is to explore and seek the truth in each case. I search for logic and reason behind the experience with an open mind. I keep in mind there is nothing "normal" about Paranormal.


My name is Meagan and I am from Wetumpka, AL. I am currently a student at UAB and live in Birmingham, AL. I have had paranormal experiences all throughout my life which is what me want to investigate. This is what fed my interest in learning more about the paranormal.


My name is Jered and I am from Pelham, AL. I am a professional tennis coach. After having multiple experiences with the paranormal, I found myself wanting to learn more about it. This is what led me to want to investigate the paranormal.


My name is Keith Estess. I am an Executive Board and founding member of S.P.I.R.I.T.

I have been a Paranormal Investigator since I was a teenager. That was many, many years ago. LOL. I've had many personal paranormal experiences in my life so I know how it can make one feel. I'm here to assist you to the best of my ability. I'm an ordained minister and grew up in the Church of God, However I have an open mind and heart to all spiritual beliefs.

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I'm Stephanie Estes. I am the Research Director for Southern Paranormal Inspection Research Investigation Team and co-founder. I'm from Jefferson County, Alabama. I'm 43 years old and happily married to my soul mate. I follow the path of Paganism and I'm an ordained minister. I have a 25 yr old son and a set of

15 year old twin boys. I work in the medical field and have been a Paranormal Investigator since 1995. I investigate in the hopes of validating the existence of true Paranormal Activity.

My name is Jessica, I live in Pelham, AL and am a new member to the team. I practice eclectic paganism. I've had many unexplained experiences over the years, which is what led me to join the team. I'm a mom of two wonderful children and I work in a senior living community in the activities department. I'm a pretty down to earth person and I aspire to find the truth in any situation.